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‘Channel Growth Initiative’ by Aakar Realties is an initiative taken to empower strong and successful relationships leading to mutual wins and growth opportunities. We firmly believe a community of trusted partners can do wonders and opens doors to limitless golden opportunities to reach new heights of excellence.

Great Reasons to Collaborate with Us!

Wide Presence

Our presence spread across key areas of Pune PCMC, hence tapping the untapped.

Speed & Quality

We believe in building the best and delivering beforehand for our delighted customers.

Undeniable Offers

By collaborating with us you avail of countless lucrative offers and gain maximum.

Track Record

Track record of 100% on-time deliveries & quality execution exceeding expectations.

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Terms & Conditions

1. The Channel Partner should be present with the customer during their visit to the site.

2. The client tag-in period will be 30 days.

3. The executive’s name must be added at the time of lead registrations.

4. Prior to any marketing or promotional activities, Channel Partner Forms must be submitted and registered with Aakar Realties.

3. The registration or appointment of Channel Partners is at the sole discretion of the Promoter and may vary from project to project. Being registered with the Promoter does not automatically authorize a Channel Partner to market any or all projects unless disclosed or declared on the RERA website.

4. Brokerage will be paid upon receipt of the total due amount and registration of the property for under-construction buildings. For ready buildings, brokerage will be released only upon receipt of full and final payments and registration of the property.

5. If a booking is cancelled before receipt of 20% of the consideration value, the Channel Partner will not be eligible for brokerage.

6. Brokerage will be payable to the channel partner within 24 hours after disbursement, subject to proforma-invoice should be submitted within 24 hours of agreement registration; along with the following MANDATORY documents:

  • A copy of MAHARERA certification.
  • A copy of same PAN card.
  • Bank A/C details for transfer.

7. If an allottee defaults on payment leading to cancellation of the deal, the Channel Partner will not be required to refund the brokerage paid by the Promoter, but the allottee will refund the brokerage as agreed.

8. The Promoter reserves the right to terminate the agreement in the event of default or breach of RERA terms or this agreement by the Channel Partner.

9. The Channel Partner cannot assign any rights or obligations to a third party.

10. The Promoter is not liable to pay fines, charges, or fees levied by RERA or other government laws due to breaches by the Channel Partner.

11. The Channel Partner must only use promotional materials provided by the Promoter and cannot develop or use any other materials.

12. Prior written approval from Aakar Realties and relevant authorities is required for any marketing activity involving Aakar Realties’s brand name, logo, or project images.

13. The Channel Partner cannot misrepresent themselves as an employee of Aakar Realties.

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